About us

Arens is an Estonian kitchen furniture manufacturer with twenty-nine years of experience. The 14,000-square metre factory of Arens has produced more than 160,000 kitchens, in total. On average, Arens produces 600 kitchen furniture sets per month. In addition to Estonia, the kitchen furniture is also sold in the foreign market, with 40% of the production exported to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Latvia. Arens makes custom-made kitchen furniture for private customers as well as for large-scale projects. 

The manufacturing process of Arens is characterised by a state-of-the-art machinery, which is largely based on robotics and ensures a high technical and assembly quality. 

In spite of the automated production process, Arens is able to ensure a flexible selection and individual approach for the customers. Kitchen furniture by Arens is entirely custom-made.