About us

AS Arens has been producing kitchen furniture since 1992. Over the course of the years, over 120,000 kitchens have been produced. Continuous product development, technological innovation and staff training ensure the company's rapid development and product quality.

The 14000 m2 factory is located near Tartu and has a modern high-tech equipment park, with 86 employees. Arens has an average production output of 30 kitchen sets per day, of which 40% is exported to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Latvia.

Our services

Consulting, Planning & Visualization

The entire Arens production possesses custom made furniture. Each kitchen is different, designed and planned to fit into the customer's premises. 



Production and equipment management are IT-based. The materials used are from the best manufacturers and the range is constantly updated.

Delivery & Assembly

The furniture mostly comes with finished cabinets, the furniture is installed by the best specialists.


Laser welding is an innovative adhesive-free edging technology. The new two-layer edgeband is used. LaserEdge is applied using a highly efficient laser that melts a color-matched functional layer on the reverse side of the edgeband and welds it to the carrier board. Arens laser work centre is equipped with CNC technology trimming unit that ensures flawless precision, especially on the corners of the detail. The end result is a durable edge with no joints. 

Laser benefits?

  • The main advantages in front of the glued edges are the elevated moisture and heat resistance.
  • The joints of the edge are barely visible, the details are impeccable.
  • No pigmentation or dirt stains will emerge around the edges.
  • The details are not stained with glue, the advantage is expressed on glossy and silky surfaces.
  • The result is a significantly higher quality and more durable kitchen furniture with the same price.