ABK InnoVent (Netherlands) has developed a unique product line of gas and induction hobs: i-Cooking. This differs from the traditional hobs with a large glass surface because the material of the cooking surface is visible between the gas burners and induction zones. The cooking surface will only include the necessary parts of the hob, i.e. for gas, the burners and knobs, and for induction, the zones and the control panel. The keywords of ABK InnoVent products include design, originality, individual solutions, special orders, and the highest quality!


Excellent cooking results are both an art and a science. They are a demonstration of your skills, your human touch... And for that, we shall equip you with state of the art technology and a versatile product series.

We want you to feel as much pleasure when cooking as we feel commitment when developing our kitchen equipment. This is why they are so easy to handle, practical, and smart. Let your imagination run wild and prepare whatever you want. Our equipment will make sure that the process is simple and provides the best results.


Electrolux kitchen appliances can make the kitchen your favourite place. The devices meet all the demands of a modern kitchen, reflect the newest technology developments, and are extraordinarily stylish.

Falmec specialises in producing air cleaners. This is why Falmec air cleaners are the best in terms of functionality, appearance, and durability. In addition, they ensure clean indoor air without an unpleasant odour or fume.

Gaggenau kitchen appliances are characterised by ultimate convenience, flexibility, carefully selected materials, outstanding results, and excitement. Gaggenau has been the pioneering brand in home and kitchen appliances for more than 300 years. They are the leading innovators of technology and design.

Sirius – the evolution of perfectionism. Stylish and high-quality Italian air cleaners, with and without an engine.

Every day. Smart kitchen appliances that fit into every kitchen. Without exception, each of the devices also looks great on their own. However, they look even better when next to each other, as expected from our Italian background.